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    General conditions

    Aim of the armas style scheme

    The aim of the Armas Style points scheme is to maintain a continuous promotion based on point collection by participants. The points can later on be exchanged for tickets to travel with Naviera Armas, S.A.


    1. The Armas Style points scheme has been created by Naviera Armas, S.A. (hereinafter Armas) and replaces the previous system to obtain free trips called Bono mar. The collection and exchange of points will be subject to the conditions established by the scheme at any given time.
    2. Membership of the Armas Style points scheme is completely free.
    3. All legal persons over 18 will be able to join the Armas Style scheme. If the client is under age, the request must be signed by the parent or guardian, attaching photocopies of the identity documents of both persons.
    4. The Armas Style card is personal and non-transferable.
    5. The Armas Style card does not expire.
    6. The aim of the scheme is to speed up the management of the documents of clients with a right to residence discounts, as well as to give points to clients who travel with Armas.
    7. The Armas Style card cannot be used as a payment method.
    8. To participate in Armas Style it is essential to hand in the form, duly filled in and signed, at any of the points of sale of the company Armas, attaching a photocopy of the client’s documentation (identity card, passport or foreign residence permit).
    9. Clients will only be able to join the points scheme in the mentioned ways (telephone, e-mail, internet).
    10.  We would like to inform the cardholder that if there are any missing or incorrect data in the form, the company will deny participation of the cardholder.
    11. This request implies the acceptance of the general conditions of the scheme and is not valid if it is not signed.
    12.  Armas reserves the right to accept or cancel any request to join the Armas Style points scheme.
    13. The person wanting to join will be able to start collecting points with the provisional Armas Style card attached to the form, if they present it when buying the ticket.
    14.  Anyone who joins the Armas Style scheme will receive the Armas Style card at the stated address.
    15.  The Armas Style card is the element that proves the holder belongs to the points scheme. The card belongs to Armas and will have to be returned when Armas requests it.
    16. The cardholder will be responsible for using and keeping it correctly.
    17.   In case of loss, theft or breakage of the Armas Style card, the cardholder must communicate it to Armas in writing as soon as possible and send the identity documentation in again. The customer service department will send another card.
    18. Any modifications to the current general conditions, as well as the eventual finalisation of the scheme, will be communicated publicly by Armas to the cardholders.
    19. The company reserves the right to make any changes to the general conditions of the scheme, as well as changes to the point collection and exchange scheme.


    1. The Armas Style scheme includes the option of getting a discount for living in the Canary Islands without having to provide the photocopy of the identity card every time you buy a ticket.
    2. In order to enjoy this discount, the cardholder must be living in the Canary Islands within the validity period of the cardholder's ticket.
    3. Once the validity period of the documentation that proves residence in the Canary Islands ends, the cardholder must present the renewed documentation again to be filed by Armas, either by handing in a photocopy at one of the Armas sales offices or by the automatic media belonging to the company.
    4. In order to prove the residence in the Canary Islands of minors without their own documentation, they will need the certification of their father/mother or guardian.


    1. The points system will be used for clients with tickets.
    2. The points can only be exchanged for trips when the cardholder has the final Armas Style card. The points cannot be exchanged for trips with the provisional card.
    3.  In order to exchange the points for free trips, the cardholder must have the total points needed on the final Armas Style card. If the cardholder does not have enough points on the card, he/she must pay the going fare for the ticket at that moment.
    4. The cardholder will not be able to buy a ticket partly with points and partly with money.
    5.  Points cannot be collected on the Armas Style scheme when the tickets are for excursions, groups, transfer or fares subject to other discounts by Armas.
    6. The points collected by buying travel tickets can only be exchanged for free travel tickets with Armas.
    7.  In order to use the points system, the Armas Style card must be presented when buying and retrieving the boarding card accrediting with any other identity document that the person is the cardholder.
    8.  In order to collect points it is essential for the cardholder’s name to be the one on the ticket.
    9. For every ticket purchased, the cardholder will collect an amount of points according to the price of the ticket (paid with cash or card).
    10.  Armas reserves the right to change the amount of points according to the line, the fare or the passenger according to internal criteria of the company.
    11. The points are only collected with the card once the ticket has been paid.
    12.  The points generated by the purchase of a shared ticket are distributed proportionately amongst the number of passengers on said ticket. Only passengers who are members of the Armas Style scheme will receive their proportional amount of points, and the rest will be lost.
    13.  The points can be collected by purchasing tickets at any Armas point of sale.
    14. The Armas Style cardholder will be able to check the account at the windows of the Armas points of sale or by calling the Call Centre (902 456 500). When a boarding card is printed, the total amount of points accumulated on the date will appear, too.
    15. The points collected by the Armas Style card do not expire, unless the card is not used for a year to collect new points or to use points collected previously.


    1. The points collected can be exchanged for trips on any of the Armas lines.
    2.  In order to exchange the points for tickets, you must contact the Call Centre (902 456 500) or go to any of the Naviera Armas, S.A. points of sale.
    3. The points from different cards cannot be added up to get a free ticket.
    4. In order to get a free ticket, the total amount of points must be provided in full by Armas Style cardholders, and the amount required is equal for all travellers.
    5. In exceptional cases in which one of the travellers does not have the required amount of points (or is not a cardholder), the remaining points may be compensated by the Armas Style cardholders (if the balance allows it).
    6.  The free tickets and their amount of points will follow the applicable chart.
    7. Tickets that leave the points balance negative cannot be redeemed.


    1. Armas reserves the right to cancel an Armas Style card if it considers that the cardholder has used it inappropriately.
    2. The Armas Style scheme can be cancelled by Armas, giving 2 months' notice, which will be the last period of time in which cardholders will be able to collect and use points.
    3. Armas is not liable in any case of damages that may be caused by the cancellation of the scheme.
    4.  If at any time there are circumstances of force majeure or legal impositions that hinder the development of the scheme, the Armas Style scheme will be cancelled without prior notice or liability for Armas.
    5. In order to cancel membership of the scheme, the cardholder must request it in writing and present the card and identity documentation that proves the person is the cardholder at any of the Armas offices.


    1. In accordance with the provisions set out in the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, Client/Cardholders are informed, accept and authorise 'the registration and treatment of their personal data' and points account movements in the automated file of the Armas Style scheme, belonging to Naviera Armas, S.A. These data may be used for any activity associated with the aims of the scheme and the contractual relationship with the cardholders, including the analysis and creation of profiles, and in general the development of promotion, marketing and analysis actions by Naviera Armas, S.A.
    2. The cardholder expressly agrees that the data to which this section refers may be given to third parties that provide data treatment services for the scheme, to any subsidiary legal entity or owned by Naviera Armas, S.A., in order to use them for the described purposes.
    3. The cardholder is informed of his/her rights to access, modify, cancel or oppose the automated data. In order to exercise these rights, the cardholder must communicate it in writing to the company Naviera Armas S.A., Programa Armas Style - C/ Juan Domínguez Perez 2, Apartado de Correos 35008 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
    4. Once the cardholder has the Armas Style card, he/she may modify or extend his/her data, in writing to the company Naviera Armas S.A., Programa Armas Style - C/ Juan Domínguez Perez 2, Apartado de Correos 35008 - Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain.
    Call Centre - 902 456 500